Jake is a solid all-rounder who is happy designing up large custom pieces to small walk ins. He mainly enjoys Neo-trad and Traditional but can cover most of your needs. He is available for bookings/consults from Wed-Sat

IMG_1805.png IMG_1802.png IMG_1764.png IMG_1772.png IMG_1770.png IMG_1777.png IMG_1774.png IMG_1775.png IMG_1781.png IMG_1783.png IMG_1784.png IMG_1785.png IMG_1780.png IMG_1786.png IMG_1757.png IMG_1766.png IMG_1808.png IMG_1807.png IMG_1779.png IMG_1799.png IMG_1797.png IMG_1767.png IMG_1761.png IMG_1759.png IMG_1763.png IMG_1801.png IMG_1800.png
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