Loz specialises in fineline, black and grey realism. From tiny projects to large scale pieces, animal portraits, scripts to florals. However she loves a splash of color every now and then. Loz is a custom artist who believes communication with the client is the ideal way to create your bespoke one off piece. To enquire for a booking/consult, contact the studio 

tiger-male-.jpg Jaguar.jpg rose-sleeve.jpg sunflower-colour.jpg stag---hummingbird.jpg Isis-goddess.jpg rose-head-bg.jpg mandala-fineline.jpg bee-tiny.jpg tiger-pocket-watch.jpg fineline-flower.jpg panda.jpg Tiger-cub.jpg red-panda.jpg tiny-elephants.jpg tit--n-robin.jpg cow-skull-floral-.jpg leopard-n-butterfly2.jpg doggo-portraits.jpg rib-floral.jpg eagle-sternum.jpg snake-n-rose-sternum.jpg tiger-side.jpg cheetah-hip.jpg floral-dotwork-fineline.jpg dog-portrait.jpg rose-sternum.jpg find-some-time.jpg cheetah-fam.jpg rib-turtle.jpg floral-rib-sideboob.jpg daisy-ribs.jpg Hokosai-wave.jpg Great-white.jpg Garter-snake.jpg blue-tit.jpg
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