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I want to get tattooed, what is the process?

There are a few ways to book in with our artists, however we recommend the following; Complete the short form on our website, with a brief description of design, placement, sizing, if you would like colour/black and grey and if you have a preferred artist in mind, and we will respond as soon as possible, either by phone or email.

What is the minimum legal age required to get tattooed in Victoria?

The Victorian law requires individuals to be 18+ to get tattooed. We do not tattoo anyone below the age of 18 even with parental consent. You may be asked to show ID.

How do I prepare myself to be tattooed?

Please make sure you are well rested, hydrated and have eaten before your tattoo procedure. Please shower and wear comfortable clothing. We recommend bringing a bottle of water and something sweet in case you feel light headed. Our tattooers refuse the right to tattoo you if they feel you are somehow physically or mentally compromised.

Do I need to pay a deposit and how much is it?

A minimum of $100 deposit is required to book an appointment and $400 for a full day session, however there are some exceptions and is down to the artists discretion. This can be paid by coming into the studio. Not showing up to your appointment will result in a lost deposit.

I need a cover up of an existing tattoo/scar is this something that you do?

We do, however as cover ups are trickier and require more consideration you would have to come into the studio to show us in person and we can advise you from there. Scars also require you to come into the studio.

Can I bring a friend or children with me?

You are welcome to bring a friend, however they will have to wait in the reception area whilst you get tattooed. We advise against bringing a child into a tattoo studio for health and safety reasons.

Do you do white ink only tattoos?

Due to the many issues that surround white ink tattoos, including their questionable longevity, we do not do white ink only tattoos.

Do you take walk ins?

We do take on walk ins everyday between the hours of 11-7, however these are subject to artist availability and work on a first come first serve basis. If you have a date and time in mind that you would like to get tattooed, we suggest coming in and dropping off a deposit.

Do you do piercings?

No, we are a tattoo only studio.

Can I get tattooed while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Due to the risks involved with being tattooed while pregnant and breastfeeding, unfortunately it is not something we do at our studio. Although the risk of infection is incredibly small, we strongly suggest waiting until your baby is born and no longer breast feeding.

How do I pay for my tattoo?

Unfortunately we do not currently have card facilities, and are therefore cash only. We recommend having enough cash with you on the day, however there are several ATM's near by that you can use to withdraw money should you need to. If you have paid a deposit, this will be deducted from the final price.

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